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Belly Dance Classes - Beginners

Don't worry about your starting level. The classes are prepared to explore each basic step and the necessary practice. Beginner classes are the foundations, preparing for application of different sets of movements and combinations, so the most basic rule coming to this classes is to enjoy yourself.


5 consecutive beginners classes pack for €50.00.

.(classes resume on January 21st)


This offer regards consecutive classes only. Once the first class is booked, the remaining classes must be attended every following week until the end of the pack. 

5 flexible beginners classes pack for €65.00.

.(classes resume on January 21st)


(Note that the 5 classes can be rescheduled but must be attended within 2 months of purchase date.)

Intermediate Bellydance Course - SOLD OUT

Our next Bellydance Intermediate module will start on the 21st January for 8 weeks. The focus of the course will be Saidi Choreography. Knowledge of the basic steps is mandatory for this course.



Advanced Bellydance Course - Floor Technique with Sword

Be welcome to join us for our Belly dance Advanced module starting on 25th of January for 8 weeks. The focus of the course will be Floor Technique with Sword. Knowledge of the intermediate steps is mandatory.



Workshops and Private Classes

Levels:  Introductory: for beginners; Improvement: for intermediate students; Specialization: for advanced students and professionals.

Themes and Rhythm: Classical: steps and techniques, veils technique, sword technique; Percussion: drum solo, samba fusion, sword on drum solo; Performance: public performance. public interaction, improvisation; 

Folcloric: folkloric rhythms, cane technique.

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