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Desert in Dark

"A wildly impressive display by the most charming lady, who involves everyone and really gets everyone into the spirit of things." (Lovin Dublin)

Cida has been professionally Belly Dancing for almost twenty years in countless events in Ireland, Brazil, France and other countries.
Her style is very energetic with remarkable stage presence, effective musical interpretation and improvisation with highlights to drums solo, sword and veil techniques and public interaction.
Her performances can be seen in thematic restaurants in Dublin, such as The Cedar Tree Lebanese restaurant, where she performs every Saturday night since 2006.
She also performed every other weekly night for four  years at Damascus Gate Syrian restaurant, two years at Layla Moroccan restaurant, three years at La Bella Vitta International, and sporadically at several other places such as El Bahia, Roy's Cafe, Rotana, Nifty Fifty, and many others.
Despite her experience dancing and teaching, Cida continuously attends courses and workshops with great Belly Dance Masters in Egypt and around Europe to improve and experience interesting styles and techniques as above of all she is passionate of Belly Dance and its complexity.

Yalla Belly Dance Dublin - Cida Arcanjo Belly Dancer and Daughter during Magic Hafla Show

BellyDance Crew

Yalla Belly Dance Crew was born following the invitation of a TV channel for a professional belly dance group performance on the Ireland's Got Talent TV show's stage.
The Yalla's vision is to be a much larger crew of professional bellydancers and advanced belly dance students, delivering outstanding performances and presentations, showcasing Middle Eastern´s dance styles on their classical, folcloric and modern approaches and fusions.

Cida Arcanjo Professional Belly Dancer. Yalla Belly Dance Dublin

Yalla Dublin Belly Dance is an initiative of the bellydancer Cida Arcanjo to promote Belly Dance in Ireland, through events, workshops and classes.
Boldly going beyond stereotypes with highly professional performances and teaching define our ethos and our aim is to deliver true and inspiring Belly Dancing experience for both spectators and learners.

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Cida Arcanjo
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